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Abdul-Rauf's willingness to stay strong for what he believed in ultimately helped lead to an early exodus from the NBA and played a Madden NFL 18 Coins role in our faded memory of his game.But we don't give him credit for standing for other things, like fasting during the NBA season in observance of Ramadan. Abdul-Rauf was scorned for being selfish in doing this during the season (he dropped from his playing weight of 162 pounds to a miniscule 147 pounds), but Hakeem Olajuwon, who was also


Muslim and fasted, escaped scrutiny.There was also the time when Abdul-Rauf covered up logos on his shoes. Why? He was initially given a sneaker deal with Nike, but that deal wasn't renewed and he felt his religious stance explained why. So, he began hiding the logos on his shoes to make a point. If this happened in the present day, he'd be praised for his stance. But in the mid-90's, few fans had any sympathy.We also forget that Abdul-Rauf made sure to tour the inner cities of every stop on each


Denver Nuggets road trip, going from hood to hood to speak to men who had issues with fatherhood, incarceration and drugs. Abdul-Rauf was motivated by his growing appreciation of Malcolm X, one that began when college coach Dale Brown gave him the book. He saw his public speaking work as his pilgrimage to Mecca. NBA Cares would've loved this.In this sense, Abdul-Rauf was the spitting image of a revolutionary American. He took advantage of the freedoms of the first amendment.


He challenged America's economic belief system. He focused on the issues -- drugs, education and others -- that many of our bureaucratic leaders were scared to address. This country lauded other men who lived this kind of life. Instead, America largely spat at Abdul-Rauf.Abdul-Rauf's protest against the anthem caused his presence to fade even more. Denver traded a Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins 27-year-old Abdul-Rauf to the Kings that summer for the https://www.mmogo.com/

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